Call & Form Tracking made for Law Firms

Get smarter with your law firm marketing by tracking every lead channel and sharpening your return on investment.

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Get smarter with your law firm marketing

By the team at Fast Firms

Get Smarter with Your Law Firm Marketing

Comprehensive Call Tracking
Smart law firms not only track clicks, but they track calls as well. Closing the loop on every lead channel.
Deep Marketing Analysis
Track not only lead source, but track things like what website page made your law firm’s phone ring.
Data Driven Marketing
Smart law firms make marketing decisions based upon data. Callytic will give your law firm the insight it needs to make those decisions.
Call Recording Feature
Callytic gives your firm the option of call recording. It’s a great feature to spontaneously check how new leads are being handled.
Track Everything
Most law firms fly blind with lead tracking. Callytic fixes that!
Easy to Understand Dashboard
Get simple clarity on what marketing activity is driving file-opens
Call & Form Tracking Features

Find out instantaneously what marketing channels are driving file opens.

Callytic will give your law firm 360 degree insight into what’s woprking and what isn’t.

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Robust Features

What website pages are converting for your law firm?

There can be gold sitting under your law firm’s website, but you’re just not sure how to find it. Callytic will give your firm that clarity.

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Grow Your Firm
Better data makes better decision making.
Comprehensive Reporting
All the data your firm will ever need to drive more file opens.

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Comprehensive Call Tracking for Law Firms

The Most Powerful Lead Analysis Platform

Callytic will give your law firm the marketing clarity that you've been searching for.

Growing law firms with data-driven marketing insight

Comprehensive Call Tracking
80% of new clients call your law firm. Find out what is driving their calls.
Comprehensive Form Tracking
20% of clients complete contact forms. Get clarity today on what and where those forms are!
360 Degree Insight
Most law firms can’t see the forset for the trees. Callytic will fix that!
Free Integration
Callytic will give your law firm insight within days.
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By Fast Firms

The Most Cost-Effective Way to Measure Marketing ROI

Callytic call tracking gives your law firm 360 degree data-driven insight for making better marketing decisions.

Made for Law Firms


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Smart Numbers
Lead Journey Tracking
Keyword Tracking
Paid Search Tracking
Organic SEO Tracking
Social Media Tracking
Conversion Reporting
Offline Lead Tracking
SMS Lead Follow Up (NPS)
Missed Call Alerts
Google Analytics Integration
Advanced Call Routing
Client Segmentation
Easy Integration
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Say hello to the only call tracking platform for law firms

Growth-focussed law firms know that with better data, better decisions get made. Callytic gives your law firm 360 degree insight into what marketing efforts work and what doesn’t
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